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What Makes LASIK Worth It?

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LASIK is one of the most common vision correction procedures in the world. It uses laser technology to enhance your eyesight.

You have probably heard of it before because it is the most popular form of vision correction. But popularity and notoriety are not enough reasons to get a medical procedure.

You may still be skeptical of LASIK despite how well-known and effective it is. It’s natural and healthy to be unsure of a procedure that deals with something as sensitive as your eyes.

But, LASIK is a fantastic way for the right patient to achieve superb vision. Keep reading to learn why correcting your vision with LASIK is worth it.

LASIK is Incredibly Effective

LASIK has a tremendous rate of success. Most patients who undergo LASIK never need to use glasses or contacts again.

Still, many people worry about spending the money for LASIK and not receiving good results. While LASIK is not a guarantee, it is an excellent bet that you will have a good outcome from the procedure.

Plus, that initial investment in LASIK will save you money for the rest of your life. LASIK can eliminate your need for visual aids. That means you no longer need to pay for contacts, glasses, and everything that goes with them.

Those savings go into your pocket immediately. LASIK usually pays for itself within a few years based on these savings alone.

LASIK is Painless

Another concern among people interested in LASIK is that it will hurt. Eyes are sensitive, so it makes sense that this would be a top concern.

However, your eye surgeon numbs your eyes with powerful anesthetic eye drops before your procedure. That way, you don’t feel anything except maybe some mild pressure or tugging for a few seconds.

After the anesthesia wears off, it is not uncommon to feel some slight discomfort as your eyes begin to heal. But this discomfort should quickly go away on its own. 

LASIK Results are Fast

Most people notice an improvement in their vision immediately after LASIK. Your results continue to improve for a few days after the procedure as they heal and adjust to their new abilities.

Within a month, you should be able to go back to a completely normal day. The only things to be mindful of farther along in your recovery are direct blows to your eyes or hard body contact while playing sports.

LASIK Frees You From Glasses

If you wear glasses all the time, you may get used to them, but they always get in the way at some point. Whether it’s going swimming, breaking unexpectedly, or ugly frames, glasses tend to be a hassle.

LASIK ends these problems. After your vision gets corrected, you should no longer have any need for glasses or contacts.

How to Know if You are a LASIK Candidate

LASIK is safe and effective, but only for people who are eligible for the procedure. There are strict requirements for LASIK to ensure it is safe and effective.

The only way to know for sure if LASIK is right for you is to have a LASIK consultation. Schedule a LASIK consultation at Frantz Eyecare in Fort Myers, FL, to see if LASIK is right for you!

If you cannot undergo LASIK for some reason, there are LASIK alternatives to consider. Your eye doctor will help you find the best vision correction procedure for your eyes!

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