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Get To Know Our Specialists

Our Review of 2023. Thank You to our Community in Southwest Florida!

Just a small window into the lives and experiences of our team in 2023. These are the people that we spend a majority of our waking hours with, and we couldn’t be more grateful for such a wonderful team and for the community that we serve. Thank you for another great year, Team Frantz. We Are Family!

Who We Are

In the first video of Frantz EyeCare’s “Ask The Experts” Series, you will learn about the full range of services offered by our practice. Our desire is to not only provide patients with high quality, technologically advanced eye care but also to offer a broad scope of diverse treatment options – giving our patients a suite of services to meet the individual needs of their eyes. Watch the video to learn more!


Ask The Experts: Meet Dr. Boyd Vaziri

Dr. Boyd Vaziri is a board-certified ophthalmologist with two decades of surgical experience. He has performed thousands of cataract and laser vision correction procedures with meticulous surgical precision. Dr. Vaziri has a passion to provide exceptional and customized visual results for his patients by utilizing the most advanced technologies available in the United States. He has been a Sub-Principal Investigator in multiple FDA clinical trials, has published several peer-reviewed ophthalmology journal articles, and has been an internationally featured educational symposia speaker. We are proud to have Dr. Boyd Vaziri on the Frantz EyeCare Team Of Specialists. Call TODAY to schedule with Dr. Vaziri at 239.418.0999!

Ask The Experts: Dr. Maxwell A. Burch Discusses Multiple Laser Vision Correction Options Available

Frantz EyeCare’s expert surgeons understand that approaching quality patient care from the perspective that “no two eyes are alike” is essential to giving every patient the individualized care that they deserve.

Laser Vision Correction is primarily for adults ages 18 to 45, however, we typically recommend that patients do not consider treatment until they are age 21 to ensure that the eyes are fully developed. Several procedures such as LASIK, SMILE, EVO ICL, and PRK are available so that patients have more than one option for treatment. After the age of 45, we typically will recommend that patients have a Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) procedure, however, there are always exceptions depending on the health of the patient’s eyes.

Ask The Experts: Dr. Roger Paez Discusses The Importance of Building Quality Patient Relationships

In this Ask The Experts segment, Dr. Paez gives us insight into what led him to choose optometry as a profession, and why the doctor/patient relationship is so critical in establishing trust when it comes to long-term vision care. Dr. Paez is an expert in comprehensive eye health, as well as in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with various eye diseases. He is also able to provide custom solutions through scleral lenses for patients who have challenges due to keratoconus and corneal irregularities.

Ask the Experts:  Dr. Haidet Offers Lens Solutions For Frantz EyeCare Patients With Cornea Challenges

In this Ask The Experts segment, Dr. Haidet describes the rewarding yet complicated nature of treating patients who have challenges with contact lenses due to keratoconus or other types of cornea irregularities. Combining his love for ophthalmology and physics, Dr. Haidet is able to design specific solutions for these patients that will help them achieve better vision and a better life!

Ask the Experts: Dr. Feder Discusses the Value of a Comprehensive Eye Exam

Ask the Experts: Dr. Maxwell A. Burch Discusses Treatment of the Cornea

Dr. Maxwell Burch is a surgical specialist at Frantz EyeCare who focuses on corneal and refractive care along the treatment of cataracts. His technical expertise combined with warmth and kindness in his approach to patients – makes him a beloved surgeon and an invaluable member of the Frantz EyeCare Family.

Ask The Experts: Dr. Frantz describes the multi-specialty services offered at Frantz EyeCare

Dr. Jonathan Frantz discusses the full suite of services provided at Frantz EyeCare. When a patient is referred for care outside of what their optometrist provides, it’s nice to be able to reassure them that we offer comprehensive management and treatment of cataracts, glaucoma, retina, corneal disease, dry eye – and several different types of laser vision correction procedures such as LASIK, SMILE, Visian ICL, PRK, and RLE. We look forward to serving your eye health needs at Frantz EyeCare!

Ask The Experts: Dr. Christine Bokman addresses patient goals for care at Frantz Cosmetic Center

Meet Christine L. Bokman, MD! Dr. Bokman is the lead surgeon at Frantz Cosmetic Center and provides both functional and cosmetic oculofacial surgery (non-invasive or mildly invasive) to patients in Southwest Florida. Her uniquely specialized, Beverly Hills training takes a fresh and modern approach to cosmetic surgery. Under her care, patients are experiencing life-enhancing procedures that help them Look As Good As They Feel!

Ask The Experts: Carry Eaton, Clinical Manager – Discusses Employee Opportunities at Frantz EyeCare!

Carry Eaton has been both a teacher and a manager for many years, and her skills are a tremendous asset to Frantz EyeCare. The perfect coach for a technical employee who has a hunger to learn, Carry provides strong leadership and training support to our team of ophthalmic technicians at Frantz EyeCare as well as Frantz Cosmetic Center.

Ask The Experts: Dr. Manik Goel discusses the diagnosis and treatment of Glaucoma

Dr. Manik Goel, former Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at Marshall University in West Virginia, is Southwest Florida’s Expert Glaucoma Specialist and Cataract Surgeon. His unique academic experience not only makes him an excellent surgeon, but he is a great teacher for our patients – and can articulate eye health information to them in a way that helps them to feel educated about their diagnosis and confident concerning the best treatment plan available to them.

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