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LASIK Eye SurgeryLASIK In Fort Myers & Southwest Florida

In the last 20 years, millions of people all over the world have improved their vision and their lives with the breakthrough LASIK procedure.

At Frantz EyeCare, our goal is to help you learn more about your vision correction needs so you can decide if Bladeless Laser LASIK with Dr. Frantz is right for you.

What is LASIK?

Chances are, you’ve heard of LASIK. But do you know how it works or what the procedure entails? LASIK is a form of laser vision correction, one of the most popular elective surgeries in the U.S. Using a laser beam, an eye surgeon can reshape the cornea of your eye to make it more ideal for focusing light, thus improving your vision.

LASIK can be used to correct some of the most common vision problems, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. In fact, many of our Fort Myers area patients report that LASIK has helped them eliminate their need for contact lenses or glasses. Some of these ecstatic patients have worn corrective lenses their entire lives.

Am I a candidate?

Although there are some conditions that exclude certain patients, the reality is that the majority of people over 18 who are nearsighted, farsighted or have an astigmatism are good candidates for the LASIK procedure. Start the process today with our LASIK self-test!

If you are not a candidate for LASIK, we offer several other options for correcting your vision and reducing your dependency on glasses or contact lenses, including PRK or laser lens replacement. If you decide to have one of these procedures, you will be provided additional information to help you make an informed decision.

How much does it cost?

An important factor when considering LASIK surgery is the potential long-term savings. Many patients report LASIK pays for itself in about 3-4 years. This takes into account the investment in LASIK vs. the costs associated with corrective lenses: designer frames, backup glasses, contact lenses, solutions, and cases.

 WaveLight LASIK ProcedureThe WaveLight LASIK Procedure

Every eye is as unique as the person to whom it gives sight. Our WaveLight® technology provides an advanced procedure that precisely adapts to the unique curvature of your eye. The result is a more ideal, natural eye shape for optimal vision. WaveLight Technology leads the market in treatment times and allows for the seamless transfer of patient data, resulting in enhanced efficiency and accuracy, along with optimized outcomes.

The WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser offers a wide range of customization options for your unique eyes. Dr. Frantz , your Fort Myers Eye Surgeons, can perform an individualized laser vision correction treatment just for you that can result in crisp, clear vision.

Standard LASIK surgery requires cutting a flap on the cornea using a sharp blade that simply can’t compare to the precision and accuracy of a laser. Frantz EyeCare has invested in the best – the VisuMax Femtosecond System by Zeiss.

The blade-free procedure offered by the new VisuMax Femtosecond Laser provides:

  • Outstanding precision and innovative detail
  • Highly efficient speed
  • Gentle treatment technique
  • Proven safety profile
  • Enhanced predictability

Eye Conditions Correctable with LASIK Surgery

MyopiaMyopia (nearsightedness)

The normal eye is a perfect sphere, where the cornea and lens focus light to form an image on the back inside surface of the eye, known as the retina. With myopia, the cornea’s curvature is too steep for the shape of the eye. The light is focused in front of the retina, causing distant objects to appear blurry.


HyperopiaHyperopia (farsightedness)

In farsightedness, the image focuses behind the retina because the cornea is too flat. In our youth, the lens inside our eye adjusts to compensate for this. As we age, our eyes become less able to accommodate. For this reason, farsightedness becomes a problem later in life. Many farsighted eyes do not need correction until the individual reaches age 40 to 50. Farsightedness can be corrected by a method that increases the total refractive power of the eye by steepening the cornea.



The front of the astigmatic eye is not perfectly round, but more oval or asymmetric like a football. Incoming light focuses at multiple points instead of one. Astigmatism can make wearing contact lenses difficult or even impossible.

The Importance of Selecting the Best LASIK Surgeon

At Frantz EyeCare we place emphasis on quality surgical outcomes. Our commitment and dedication to using the best technology is for the benefit of our patients. Jonathan Frantz, MD, FACS, is ranked as one of the top LASIK surgeons not only in Florida but in the country as well.

LASIK Surgeons Fort Myers

Frantz EyeCare was awarded Best LASIK Surgeon in the Best of Southwest Florida 2018 Reader’s Choice Awards! These annual awards, sponsored by The News-Press and voted on by members of the community, recognize businesses that exemplify excellence in products, performance or service.

We’re proud to have been recognized multiple times over the years!

When having surgery on your eyes you must consider the safest and best approach. These are the only eyes that you are ever going to have and they should be handled carefully. This is the Frantz EyeCare promise to you.

Items For Consideration prior to LASIK surgery:

  • Is your LASIK surgeon board-certified?
  • Does the practice perform all types of Laser Vision Correction or just LASIK?
  • Has the surgeon been acknowledged among the community and peers?
  • Are the reviews of the practice strong?
  • What safety protocols has the practice implemented?
  • What is the experience level of your LASIK surgeon?
  • Has the practice made a commitment to using the best LASIK technology?

No matter what items you have for consideration we feel strongly that Frantz Eye Care has put together a quality approach to eye surgery. We offer a high-quality environment with a caring and compassionate staff.

If you are interested in scheduling your complimentary consultation with Dr. Frantz, call 239.791.2020 or click here. Frantz EyeCare provides exceptional quality eye care to patients throughout Southwest Florida with five conveniently located offices in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples, Lehigh Acres, and Punta Gorda.

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