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Frantz EyeCare is a Naples eye care location focused on a wide variety of eye surgery, including cataract surgery in Naples, Florida. We encourage you to read more about cataract surgery on this page, and feel free to ask any questions. You may have been told by your optometrist that you have cataracts. If this is the case, you have come to the right place, as we are the cataract surgery experts of Naples. If you are experiencing dull colors, difficulty driving at night, and hazy vision, you might also have cataracts and not know this yet. If you are experiencing changes in your vision or have been told that you might have cataracts, schedule a cataract evaluation so we can begin the diagnosis. Frantz EyeCare is your source for cataract surgery in Naples!

Our Naples Cataract Center Brand Promise.

  • As a Naples cataract patient, you might have a lot of questions. At Frantz EyeCare, you will receive the best personal attention and professional assessment available.
  • We offer exceptional patient education and have in-depth discussions about the range of possible visual outcomes after cataract surgery. Thanks to advanced lens implant technology, we can now provide patients with the possibility of freedom from glasses. Imagine being able to read and hit the golf ball after cataract surgery.
  • Our experienced cataract surgeons have the necessary expertise to provide optimal patient outcomes after surgery.
Jonathan M. Frantz, MD, FACS
Maxwell A. Burch, MD
Manik Goel, MD
Boyd Vaziri, MD

A Plan for Clearer Vision.

Cataracts are extremely common and a natural part of aging. Cataracts occur when the proteins inside your lens break down and clump together over time.

The result is blurred vision. The good news is that Cataract surgery is considered one of the safest and most common surgical procedures in the US.

What is a Cataract?

Many patients think that a cataract is a film that spreads over the surface of the eye. In reality, a cataract is a naturally occurring change in the eye. A cataract is a gradual clouding that makes vision less sharp over time. Patients with cataracts often say their vision makes things look fuzzy, like they’re trying to see through a layer of wax paper. Cataracts can cause many symptoms, including blurry vision that may make it difficult to drive at night. Colors can also appear muted and dull to those with cataracts.

The eye works much like a camera. Like a camera, the lens must be very clear to see well. A healthy transparent lens absorbs light and accurately focuses it onto the retina, providing a crisp, clear image. As the aging process takes hold of the eyes, proteins begin to clump together, forming opaque clusters. Over time, these protein deposits eventually cloud the entire lens, allowing significantly less to pass through. The small amount of light that does make it through is diffused or scattered, leaving vision defocused. These protein clusters can also change the color of the usually transparent lens, making it a yellowish-brown color.

Early Signs of Developing Cataracts?

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Blurry, Cloudy Vision

One of the most obvious signs of early-stage cataracts is the appearance of noticeable fuzzy spots in your field of vision.

Seeing blurry at night

Night Driving and Difficulty Seeing at Night

Patients with early-stage cataracts also report gradual worsening of nighttime vision.

Seeing halos around lights at night

Appearance of Halos and Glare

As the eye lens hardens and becomes cloudy, cataracts sufferers may notice the appearance of halos and glare in their field of vision.

Experiencing light sensitivity

Increased Light Sensitivity

For people with emerging cataracts issues, discomfort with bright lights will become increasingly noticeable and problematic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is not uncommon to have questions regarding cataract surgery; after all, this involves your eyes, and seeing is a critical sense. Cataract surgery has evolved tremendously over the past 50 years in many different ways. At Frantz EyeCare, we want you to ask as many questions as possible.

Cataract surgery will play a significant role in how you see for the remainder of your life, and you have choices about the type and quality of vision you will gain after surgery. We have compiled several questions that will be useful to read as you begin your cataract surgery experience.

Your eye doctor will examine your eyes to determine if you have cataracts and if the cataracts are advanced enough to require surgery. Your eye doctor may conduct several tests, including a visual acuity test. A visual acuity test uses an eye chart to measure how well you can read a series of letters.

Your cataract surgeon will provide surgical options for performing surgery. You will consult with a surgical coordinator, who will review the options your surgeon has recommended and schedule you accordingly. The discussion regarding your future vision and lens implant types should also happen at this time.

All cataract surgeries are outpatient, and you will go home the same day.

Most patients do not experience pain in cataract surgery. Like any surgery, you will have a recovery period, and you may experience swelling and blurry vision. Some patients report a scratchy eye feeling.

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