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The Top 5 Best Mother’s Day Gifts from Frantz EyeCare

  Are you still looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift to give that special lady in your life? Here’s Frantz EyeCare’s list of the Top 5 best Mother’s Day gifts. We are more than happy to create a special gift certificate for your mom, wife, mother-in-law, sister or daughter! To find out more about purchasing… Read More

Eyes on Dr. T. Aaron Judd

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Dr. Frantz in our last “Eyes on our Doctors” blog.  You may recognize this weeks doctor from our Punta Gorda, Cape Coral or Fort Myers offices or you may have seen him here. Now its time for you to get to know our Chief Optometrist, Dr. Aaron Judd. Why did you choose to be an optometrist? In University I trained to become a secondary science teacher.  I taught in a public high school classes in physics and biology.  After two years in the classroom I investigated graduate programs and found eye care to be the perfect fusion for the miracle of life and vision with the physics of optics. What do you do in your free time? Having two children under the age of five does not leave much time for much else other than princesses and model trains.  Staying active in our beautiful area is easy with bicycling, running and water activities.  I have a fondness for all things on a mountain and try to snow ski at least once per year. What is your most memorable day? My first few years in practice were in the US Army after receiving a health professions scholarship to fund my training.  This allowed for many memorable moments.  On one occasion during a deployment, a detainee captured in the early days of the Iraqi insurgency had some eye problems and sent a letter to the International Red Cross requesting specific services.  My battalion was tasked for this mission and my soldiers and I convoyed across the country and over the Tigris River to provide care.  While giving emergent care to hostiles and being protected by our nation’s finest Marines and still providing the best care possible to people who likely bombed our fellow countrymen, and given the chance me also, that was very memorable. Who is your hero? COL Brian Allgood, MD.  Dr. Allgood was an outstanding Army Officer, Orthopedic Surgeon, and my first hospital commander in the Army.  A standout in all things in high school, college at West Point and in medical school, he represented all that is good and possible in our great country.  Serving in a ranger battalion and leading troops always from the front he modeled the way all men and women in the military should act and perform, in uniform and out.  He deployed to Iraq and served as  the chief medical officer in 2007 and while flying in a Blackhawk, along the same route that I had taken many times 2 years before, he and 11 other souls were shot down.  Our country lost an exceptional  citizen that day and his legacy continues in me everyday. Who is your mentor? Thankfully, I have had several real life mentors and heroes over the years, ordinary people who took extraordinary interest in a young man.  Mr. Merritt Roberts, Dr. Tom Boyd, Mr. Carl Surber, Dr. James Dixson, Dr. Michael Bennett, Dr. James Newman,  Dr. John Renaldo, and Dr. Jonathan Frantz. If you could have dinner with one person who would it be? Jesus of Nazareth.  Born to an unwed mother and a poor carpenter, he shaped and changed the world we now live in more likely than any other single human that has ever walked the Earth.  Almost no world religion denies his existence.  Spending some time with him over a meal would be very enlightening.   I would like to ask him for insight into the miracle of restoring eyesight, healing the sick, and loving and walking with those that most people overlook. What is your favorite superhero? Captain America.   It is just a great story.  He was a weak kid that wanted to serve his country.   Too weak and deemed too small to put on a uniform, too weak to pass the test, but with a strong heart and desire to fight.   He was willing to sacrifice all just for the chance to join.  It is this type of will that exemplifies the fighting American spirit in all of us.  What is more is that he was not great alone, but only with the help of many on his team. If you’d like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Judd or any of our Doctors call our main office at 239.418.0999 or click here to schedule online.

Use Flex Spending Account for LASIK and Other Eye Care Services

If you work for a company that offers flexible spending accounts, be sure to talk to your benefits manager about using your savings for services offered at Frantz EyeCare. “We encourage our patients to use their flexible spending accounts, which allow you to set aside pre-tax dollars for certain medical costs, including LASIK laser vision… Read More

Getting the most out of your Flexible Spending Account

Did you know that starting this year, the US Department of Treasury and the IRS modified the “use-or-lose” rule related to Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)? If you have an FSA plan you are now permitted to carry over $500 of your unused health FSA balances into the new year. 56% of Americans with FSAs use… Read More

Dr. Frantz Offers $500 Savings on LASIK Now Through April

If you’ve been considering LASIK surgery to reduce your dependence on glasses or contact lenses, southwest Florida’s leading LASIK surgeon Dr. Jonathan Frantz is offering area residents a $500 discount on bilateral LASIK now through April 31, 2013.  Dr. Frantz is the only surgeon in our area who offers the bladeless iLASIK laser vision correction… Read More

Dr. Frantz Offers $1,000 Savings on LASIK This Spring

If you’ve been considering LASIK surgery to reduce your dependence on glasses or contact lenses, southwest Florida’s leading LASIK surgeon Dr. Jonathan Frantz is offering area residents a $1,000 discount on bilateral LASIK now through May 31, 2012.  Dr. Frantz is the only surgeon in our area who offers the 100 percent blade-free iLASIK laser… Read More

Dr. Frantz Warns Public About Risks of Decorative Contact Lenses

As you begin to plan your Halloween costume, local ophthalmologist Dr. Jonathan Frantz joins the American Academy of Ophthalmology in educating the public about the hidden dangers of decorative contact lenses obtained without a prescription. Halloween is a popular time for people to use decorative contact lenses or the latest fad, circle lenses, to enhance… Read More

Dr. Jonathan Frantz Offers $1,000 Savings on LASIK This Fall

It’s Autumn, the season of change. What a great time to let iLASIK change your life.  Dr. Jonathan Frantz, Southwest Florida’s leading LASIK surgeon in experience and technology, is offering a $1,000 savings on bilateral LASIK now through December 21, 2011.  If you are at least 21 years of age and want to reduce your… Read More

Dr. Sandler Burkley Joins Florida Eye Health Medical Team

Local Cataract and LASIK Specialist Jonathan M. Frantz, MD, FACS, has announced that Sandler L. Burkley, OD, has joined the medical team at Florida Eye Health.  As one of seven board-certified optometrists at the practice, Dr. Burkley is a primary eye care provider who specializes in examination and diagnosis of eye diseases, vision conditions, testing… Read More

Local Resident Wins Free LASIK Surgery from Dr. Jonathan Frantz

On Friday, April 8, 34-year-old Heather Ford-Cassell, a teacher at the Renaissance Montessori School in Fort Myers, saw her long-awaited dream come true when she had iLASIK laser vision correction surgery, thanks to the generosity of Dr. Jonathan Frantz at the Center for Laser Vision Correction at Florida Eye Health. Heather was the winner of… Read More

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