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3 Treatments to Consider If You’ve Been Diagnosed with Glaucoma

Glaucoma is known as the silent thief of sight. It has the ability to damage vision permanently with no noticeable symptoms until it is significantly advanced.

Glaucoma cannot be fully cured. The good news is that glaucoma is treatable, and eye doctors can create a treatment plan to help stop the progression of the eye condition.

The earlier glaucoma is diagnosed, the more vision can be saved. By setting up regular appointments at Frantz EyeCare in Ft. Myers, FL, you are taking steps to protect your sight from eye conditions like glaucoma. 

If your eye doctor diagnoses you with glaucoma, here are a few treatments that can help. 

Glaucoma Drops

Glaucoma causes vision loss due to increased pressure inside your eyes. As the pressure increases, it compresses your optic nerve, damaging it slowly. 

High eye pressure is typically caused by a partial blockage inside the eye that prevents the natural fluid inside your eye from draining. Your eye creates fluid to keep itself healthy.

However, this fluid also needs to flow out of the eye in order to maintain healthy eye pressure. If the drain is not open, the fluid keeps building up.  

Often the first method used to treat glaucoma is prescription eye drops. These drops help reduce eye pressure by either relaxing the eye to release the fluid, slowing down the production of fluid, or sometimes both. 

Glaucoma eye drops are an essential part of fighting glaucoma. They need to be taken regularly in order to work, and in some cases, aren’t enough on their own.  


When glaucoma eye drops are not working fast enough to lower your eye pressure, you may need additional intervention. The iStent is a modern solution to glaucoma. 

The iStent is a small device that your glaucoma surgeon can implant into your eye. The surgery is minimally invasive, which is why the procedure is sometimes called a MIGS, minimally invasive glaucoma surgery. 

In fact, the iStent can be implanted at the same time as a cataract surgery using the same incision. Essentially, the iStent creates a channel in the fluid drain to pass through. 

This process aims to improve the outflow of fluid and reduce eye pressure. The device is made from titanium, so it is durable and able to pass through MRI scans if you need one in the future.  

Xen Gel Stent 

The Xen Gel Stent is also offered at Frantz EyeCare. It is an alternative to the iStent but works a bit differently. 

While the iStent creates a passage through the natural drain, the Xen Gel Stent bypasses it entirely. It is small but flexible, which allows it to create a separate drain. 

To find out which procedure will be more effective for you, you’ll need to talk with your doctor. Glaucoma does not mean the end of your vision. 

However, it needs to be detected and diagnosed as soon as possible in order to save as much of your sight as possible.

Do you want to learn more about glaucoma or have your eyes screened for the eye condition? Schedule an appointment at Frantz Eye Care in Fort Myers, FL, today!

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