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What To Expect After LASIK

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When talking about what happens after LASIK, two things come to mind: the recovery and the results. The first is important to know about so that you can plan for all of the actions you will need to take in order for recovery to go smoothly, the second is important to keep in mind to keep you motivated through the adventure.

Recovering From LASIK

The process of healing from LASIK may sound like it would be an arduous and unforgiving affair, but it is actually quite simple. In most circumstances, vision becomes clear within just a few days, and for some people, it occurs immediately after the surgery!

That is not to say recovery is over as soon as your eyesight becomes clear. Your eyes will be in a very delicate state. They will be markedly more vulnerable to infections and prone to injury if you are not careful. Here are a few tips to keep post-LASIK eyes as healthy as possible:

  • Shower with your eyes closed as much as possible. Even clean shower water can carry irritating particles and infectious agents, and contaminants from the face and hair can wash into your fragile eyes. It is for this same reason that you should avoid swimming and saunas or hot tubs.
  • Avoid wearing makeup around your eyes. The chemicals can easily get into them and cause damage.
  • Wear sunglasses when going outside. Make sure they are 100% UV protected, as wearing sunglasses without UV protection at any time is worse for your eyes than going outside without sunglasses at all.
  • Go to any post-LASIK checkups that your surgeon recommends. These checkups are designed to ensure you are healing correctly so that you can address any issues that might crop up early on.

LASIK Results

The benefits of LASIK speak for themselves. Not having to deal with the frustrations of glasses on a daily basis and the liberation from uncomfortable contacts is a priceless experience, but it could, in fact, save you a significant amount of money in the long run. Between replacement contacts and glasses repairs, not to mention the lifestyle improvements— LASIK is well worth the cost.

These small yet significant lifestyle improvements include:

  • Waking up more refreshed than ever.
  • Feeling more confident.
  • Eliminating the fear of not being able to see due to unexpectedly losing your glasses.
  • Freedom of choice when it comes to picking out an outfit.

If you’re not easily convinced by sappy words and inspirational text, then take a look at the statistics. Over 96% of patients that receive LASIK are happy with the results of their LASIK, with over 90% of them achieving near perfect 20/20 vision without assistance from glasses! With millions of successful surgeries across the span of decades behind you and the knowledge that you are in the capable hands of experienced surgeons in Cape Coral, FL who are using cutting-edge technology, LASIK should be an event to look forward to. If you’d like to know more, the only real way is to schedule a consultation!

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