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4 Reasons Why You Should Get LASIK Before Summer

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Summer is coming— bringing endless opportunities to live, laugh, and explore your world. There’s still enough time to consider changing your life and the way you see it forever. LASIK can give you absolute freedom of sight, and there’s no better time to enjoy that freedom than summertime and no better place than here in Florida! Here are four ways that LASIK can amplify your midyear fun, and help you create lasting memories.

1. Beach Days Just Got Better

Going to the beach is a staple of summer. Warm sand, refreshing water, and fun people— what more could you ask for? Well, for those that have contacts, fun in the sun might be a bit more complicated than that. The thing about that sand is that it can and will get everywhere, and when it gets in your eyes, you can kiss those contacts goodbye. Did you remember to bring a spare set? If you didn’t, chances are you’ll be locked into your beach chair, soaking up the sun while your friends have fun playing volleyball and splashing around in the ocean. Forget sitting out the good times because of your contacts; set up an appointment today to find out more about LASIK!

2. Gain an Edge on the Field or Court

Whether you play with a competitive mindset, or simply for some casual fun, there’s one universal truth when it comes to sports— winning feels good. Your skills with whatever ball you play with won’t be optimal unless you have good sight. Glasses bouncing around on your face can be distracting and contacts can become uncomfortable after spending too much time running around with them in your eyes. LASIK will remove these problems and give you the focus you need to play hard and play to win.

3. Wake Up to Bright Mornings and Feel More Refreshed

There is absolutely no substitute for the feeling of opening your eyes after a long night’s sleep and instantly being able to see your surroundings in perfect definition. When you use glasses or contacts, you may not even realize how demoralizing relying on your eyewear can be— it’s simply part of the routine. Raise your spirits and see the world in all its glory, and give yourself the boost in confidence you need to take this summer head on!  

4. Travel With Ease

Summer is a great time to expand your horizons and get outside your comfort zone. Travelling can be a great way to experience new people and cultures, as well as have unforgettable experiences. However, as stressful as planning and packing for a trip can be, mistakes happen. A very common one is forgetting something like spare contacts, contact solution, or your glasses repair kit. If something goes wrong on your trip, it could be ruined. Many patients’ favorite part of LASIK is the peace of mind that it brings, and knowing that no matter where you are you can trust in your own two eyes.

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Make this summer one for the history books. LASIK can help you achieve greatness so schedule a consultation with Frantz Eye Care today!

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