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5 Tips For A More Relaxed Cataract Surgery Recovery

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Recovering from any kind of surgery is not exactly anyone’s idea of fun. But having cataract surgery is not so bad!

You’ll have to be careful during the initial stages of healing after you leave the office. You will likely find that you can resume most of your normal routine within just a few weeks of taking it easy.

Nervous about what to expect? Don’t be! Keep reading for 5 tips for a more relaxed cataract surgery recovery!

1. Plan Your Ride Ahead Of Time

After the procedure is over, you may notice that your vision has already improved. But this does not mean you will have complete access to the full potential of your eyesight.

Your vision will likely be blurry for some time as your eyes adjust to their new way of seeing. You cannot drive yourself home after having cataract surgery.

Make sure to plan ahead and find a ride who can drive you home! This may be a friend or a close family member that you feel comfortable with.

You could also call a taxi or a rideshare service, but most people prefer having someone they know. It also makes sense to have someone you know in case you need help getting inside and getting settled. Once you’re home, you may want your friend or family member to stay with you for a short time.

2. Sleep As Much As You Need To

You will likely notice that you feel exhausted, especially once you get home after having cataract surgery. This is perfectly normal and you shouldn’t try to fight it.

Sleeping is a vital part of the healing process, but you will need to be careful. Bumping or rubbing your eyes while you sleep can cause harm to your fragile, recovering eyes.

Be sure to wear the eye shields provided to you after the surgery any time you sleep for as long as necessary. Your eye doctor will let you know when you no longer need to wear these.

3. Avoid Bending And Lifting

During cataract surgery, an incision is made in your cornea. This incision is left to reattach itself.

The cornea does this on its own, but it is still vulnerable to tearing open at the beginning of your recovery. For the first week or two, avoid any kind of bending or lifting.

Do not do anything that will put any kind of pressure on your eyes. Even bending at the waist can be too much pressure while your eyes are still recovering.

The added pressure can cause the incision to reopen, which is dangerous. Just sit back and take it easy!

4. Don’t Get Water In Your Eyes

While your eyes heal, they will be more susceptible to infection. Even tap water can harbor dangerous bacteria. For this reason, you need to avoid getting any water in your eyes.

That means you cannot swim in any bodies of water for at least a month after cataract surgery. You are still allowed to shower, but do your best to not get any water in your eyes whenever you are in the shower.

5. Come Back To Check In

A crucial component of a safe cataract surgery recovery is follow-up appointments. You must attend all follow-up appointments with your eye doctor.

This is the only way to know if your eyes are healing the right way. If there are any complications, it’s much easier to treat them early on. If you have any questions about how your recovery is progressing, these appointments are the perfect time to ask them!

Not sure if you may need cataract surgery? Schedule a cataract screening at Frantz EyeCare in Fort Myers, FL! If cataracts are holding you back, why wait any longer?

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