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A website is one of the first things a new patient may see about your practice, it can sometimes be the very first impression. Informative, ease of use and a resource for any and all of our users is what we put into our medical website design. Don’t you want your first impression to be a good one? At Frantz EyeCare, we make sure that our website gets the job done.

More Than Just A Medical Website

At Frantz EyeCare, our website is more than just a website, it is our digital ID. From the home page to the contact page, we make sure every page serves a purpose and is beneficial to you. We make it easy for you to learn about our eye care services and many other things. Making a website visually appealing to users is also an important aspect of the design. It allows you to get a look into our welcoming and friendly staff as well as an inside look at the office.

Along with being able to see our team, we also offer information regarding all of our eye care services. This includes educational information on LASIK eye surgery, cataract surgery, dry eye treatments, corneal conditions and many more! We give you easy to understand information like symptoms and treatments. We also give you a look inside how your consultation might go and even the possibility of taking part in alternative treatments if necessary.

Interactive Forms and Self Tests

One of the biggest advantages of having an up to date medical website design is the opportunity for our users to take part in our easy to use self-tests and forms. We have self-tests for cataracts, LASIK and even LASIK savings calculator. These tools allow our patients to obtain basic information before they even step a foot into our office.

These interactive self-tests allow us to gather information regarding your age, whether you are farsighted, nearsighted or suffering from astigmatism as well as other information. This gives you a quick snapshot of your overall vision health and allows us to assess your needs. This is one of the many things that are a great benefactor in great medical website design.
Resource Centers

Patient Resources

When it comes to the section of the website that benefits our users and current clients the most, it is the Patient Information section. We know that filling out forms and other things like which types of insurance we cover can be stressful when you first come into the office. Our patient information section allows you to fill out our patient registration, medical history, lifestyle questionnaire, authorization forms, and financing options. This is just another way you can stay ahead of the game for your next consultation.

Desktop and Mobile Usability

The majority of users now are interacting with websites on a mobile device or tablet. So we make sure our website is easy to use on whatever device you may be using. This allows you to schedule appointments, call or pay bills online simply with your phone. The buttons are easy to click and the text is even easier to read, resulting in a positive and easy interaction for you.

Finding Us Has Never Been Easier

Whether you are doing a quick search for an eye doctor near you or you are looking up the correct address for one of our many locations, we make it easy for you. Our website gives you an easy to use layout so you can visit our location pages and get the information that you need. We give each and every location their own page so you can always be sure you are getting the correct information at the right location.

When it comes to being seen online, we hired one of the best SEO agencies to make sure we are found in and around our areas of service. This creates more opportunities for more users and patients to come walking through our doors.

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Glacial Multimedia creates award-winning custom medical website designs.

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