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Why Comprehensive Eye Exams

Quality Can’t Be Rushed
The Truth about FREE Eye Exams

It has been said, “Without great quality, it doesn’t matter what something costs.” Truer words were never uttered, especially if you’re talking about your health and especially your eyes.

With healthcare costs continually rising, it can be tempting to be enticed by the promise of a FREE eye exam. I mean, after all, it’s FREE, right?!


Not all eye exams are the same. Not even close. A comprehensive eye exam at Frantz EyeCare is a completely different (and far superior) experience when compared to a “free” eye exam, like those offered by some eye care professionals.

Distinctive Care

At Frantz EyeCare, when patients come in for their annual eye exams, they should expect a comprehensive diagnostic eye exam to be performed. This means Frantz’s team of renowned medical doctors and surgeons are looking at your eye from the front to the back and at every point in between, testing for glaucoma, retinal concerns including macular degeneration, cataracts and more.

“When you are 40+, there really is more that needs to be considered and looked at in an eye exam,” explained Dr. Jonathan Frantz, founder and medical director at Frantz EyeCare. “It is important to have what we call an ‘all-in’ eye exam annually after the age of 40 so that we can look at everything.”

Almost every person who walks through the doors at Frantz EyeCare has some level of insurance coverage. And what many people are not aware of is that most insurance plans cover all, or at least a portion, of a comprehensive diagnostic eye exam.

So in truth, there really is no reason to choose the “free” eye exam. Why? Because believe it or not, most “free” eye exams are just a “bait and switch” opportunity.

The exam is “free” as long as you have Medicare or an insurance the provider takes. Also, it is “free” as long as you are a new patient. Why don’t people who are loyal long-term patients get “free” exams?!

With the “free” eye exam, maybe a few short preliminary tests will be done. You most likely will be told that extra diagnostic testing is required. You will then be asked to return for another exam, and since you are now not a new patient, you will be charged for that exam and any diagnostic testing that should have been done at the initial exam.

“All the add-on tests in the ‘up-sell’ are part of our comprehensive diagnostic eye exam that we perform on every Frantz EyeCare patient annually,” said Dr. Frantz.  “We won’t make you come back for a second visit to charge you and your insurance for things you should have had the first time. You will leave after a thorough process has been followed with any needed diagnostic testing and a thorough evaluation, diagnosis, explanation and plan to care for your eye care needs whether they include cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration, eyelid disorders, or contact lenses, glasses or LASIK.”

Apples to Apples

Ultimately, when it comes to eye exams coupled with exceptional care, it’s important to make sure you are comparing apples to apples before making a decision about who to go with. The truth is, there is a significant difference in the level of patient care that you will experience at Frantz EyeCare when compared to nearly any other similar center. And it is for good reason that Dr. Frantz is considered a leading cataract surgeon in the nation.

To learn more or to schedule your comprehensive diagnostic eye exam, click here or call Frantz EyeCare at (239) 418-0999.


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