Seasonal Allergies Attack the Eye!

Seasonal Allergies Attack the Eye!

Seasonal allergies affect more than 35 million Americans each year and can have a very negative impact on a person’s life. Tree pollens in April and May, grass pollens in June and July and mold spores and weed pollens in July and August equal a five-month attack of eye-irritating allergens.

Flower pollen and fungi spores can combine with human immune system antibodies to make awful allergy attacks each spring. These substances trigger the allergic response when they contact the mucous membranes in the eyes, nose and lungs. Antibodies called immunoglobulin react by activating mast cells, which release chemicals such as histamine to attack the perceived threat to the body. The result is the itchy, red, watery eyes, sneezing and stuffiness allergy sufferers know all too well. Spring and summer allergies can be a bigger problem than chronic varieties.

Some symptoms of seasonal allergies are also quite similar to dry eye symptoms. If you have seasonal allergy symptoms, it is important to see your eye doctor for a visual examination to help rule out dry eye.

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