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What is SMILE Eye Surgery?

When you have vision problems, daily frustrations are commonplace. Knowing that many people live without clear eyesight doesn’t make it any less difficult when you’re the one struggling.

You may use contacts or eyeglasses in your daily life. These vision aids are practical and allow many people to function, but they have downsides. You must remember to wear them daily, and the costs of replacements can add up.

Luckily, there are alternatives to depending on visual aids. One long-term option to improve your vision is SMILE.

Keep reading to learn more about SMILE and if you could be a good candidate.

How Does SMILE Work?

SMILE is an FDA-approved corrective vision treatment for nearsightedness and astigmatism. SMILE uses specialized lasers that are minimally invasive and effective.

Nearsightedness is caused by a misshapen cornea. The cornea is the outer, transparent layer of the eye that helps bend light to the retina. This process doesn’t work correctly when the cornea is misshapen, leading to vision problems.

Astigmatism is caused by an irregularly shaped cornea or lens. This irregular shape prevents light from focusing correctly on the retina, resulting in blurred or distorted vision at all distances. 

SMILE changes your cornea’s shape to correct nearsightedness and astigmatism in qualified patients. 

The SMILE Process

SMILE eye surgery is efficient, taking around 15 minutes for each eye. Here are the basics of the process:

  1. Preparation: Numbing eye drops are administered for your comfort. Then, a device that holds your eyelids in place ensures your eye stays open. 
  2. Surgery: Your SMILE surgeon makes a tiny incision on your cornea, less than 4mm. Then, they use a computer-guided laser to create a lenticule out of corneal tissue. The lenticule is the size of a contact lens. This lenticule is then removed through the small incision, changing the shape of your cornea. 
  3. Recovery: You should have someone drive you home from the appointment. The incision heals independently within a few days, and most people see improved vision almost instantly. 

Is SMILE the Same as LASIK?

LASIK and SMILE have some similarities as they are both procedures that change the shape of the cornea. However, SMILE works for nearsightedness and mild astigmatism, while LASIK corrects all refractive errors. 

Another main difference is that SMILE is less invasive, as the incision is smaller. SMILE may be a better fit for athletes or those with active professions. 

Both treatments can be very effective, so the best way to know which is right for you is to schedule a consultation at Frantz EyeCare in Fort Meyers, FL. 

What Makes Someone a Good Candidate for SMILE?

SMILE is an incredible procedure, but not everyone is a good candidate. Here’s what would make you a good candidate:

  • You are at least 22 years old
  • Your prescription has remained unchanged for a year or more
  • You have nearsightedness with or without astigmatism
  • You have healthy corneas 

Overall, SMILE eye surgery can improve your vision in the long term. Most patients who receive this treatment no longer need contacts or glasses, although some have different results. 

Request an Appointment with Frantz EyeCare

If you’re tired of wearing glasses and contacts, SMILE could be right for you. With this procedure, you’ll see more clearly and achieve visual freedom, which can significantly improve your quality of life.

Are you ready for better vision? Schedule your SMILE consultation at Frantz EyeCare in Fort Myers, FL. Why wait? Take the first step to crystal clear vision today!

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