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6 Signs It Could Be Time For Cataract Surgery

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Is your vision blurry or distorted? You may be suffering from cataracts at this very moment and not even realize that you are.

Cataracts develop and mature so slowly that many people do not realize their vision has changed. As your vision changes, you may get used to it or adapt.

If your vision is unstable, it’s a perfect example of why it is essential to see your eye doctor for regular eye exams. It also proves that you don’t necessarily need cataract surgery right away just because you have cataracts.

You can comfortably live your life during the beginning stages of cataract development. But if you start to experience the following symptoms, you and your doctor may need to discuss cataract surgery. Keep reading for 6 signs it could be time for cataract surgery!

1. You Have Poor Eyesight (Especially in the Dark)

Cataracts develop in the lens of the eye, which should be transparent and easy to see through. But as cataracts mature, they not only become bigger, they also become murkier.

Because of this, cataracts begin to block out a continuously growing amount of light until they eventually cause total blindness.

Since cataracts cause vision loss by reducing the amount of light that can penetrate the lens, this loss of vision is particularly noticeable when there isn’t much light available. If you’re turning on more lights than you would usually need to read, then it could be cataracts.

The same is also true if driving becomes significantly more difficult at night than during the day since this is a common cataract sign.

2. Your Prescription Changes Frequently

For most patients, cataracts won’t affect your vision very much in the beginning. You may not even realize you have them at first!

But as they continue developing, you may find yourself in need of new glasses at an increasing rate. New glasses or contact lenses are an okay solution temporarily, but they will not help forever. If your prescriptions continue changing, you’ll need to discuss cataract surgery with your ophthalmologist.

3. You are Experiencing Glare

Sometimes cataracts can cause you to be more sensitive to light. Glare and light sensitivity occurs when the cataract grows in a shape that causes light to scatter inside the eye.

For many patients, this can be quite painful and may even be distracting.

4. Colors Appear to Be Faded

Cataracts become yellowish brown as they mature, which will cause your vision to take on the same hue. Eventually, this blanket of color will make it harder to differentiate contrast, making it even more difficult to distinguish objects from one another. Colors may also look muddier as your cataracts continue developing.

5. You Have Double Vision

Cataracts can have a disorienting effect on your vision called “double vision .” Double vision typically happens in one eye, and it causes multiple images of what you’re focusing on to appear.

6. You Are Noticing Halos Around Lights

Another distracting phenomenon caused by cataracts is halos. Just as it sounds, halos are rings of light.

These rings of light will appear around fixed points of light like oncoming traffic or lamps. This can be especially dangerous if you’re driving at night and become temporarily blinded.

Noticed your vision declining and think it could be cataracts? Schedule a cataract screening at Frantz EyeCare in Fort Myers, FL!


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