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5 Common Signs That You’re Developing Cataracts

You use your eyes for driving, reading, playing with your children, and many other daily activities. Your vision is one of the greatest gifts you have but many people take it for granted until they lose it. Of course, many people don’t realize they’re losing their vision for a long time. Understanding the symptoms of common eye conditions, such as cataracts can help you to know when you should see an eye doctor.

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Over 22 million Americans over the age of 40 are affected by cataracts every year. A cataract forms when the proteins inside the lens of your eye clump together, causing the lens to become cloudy. Over six million people have undergone corrective surgery for cataracts and cataracts are the most common cause of blindness worldwide.

Many people don’t realize they have cataracts because the symptoms are so minimal in the beginning. Understanding the early signs and symptoms of cataracts are the best way to protect your eyes. Here are five common symptoms of cataracts:

  1.     Changes in vision

A common sign of cataracts is experiencing a sudden change in your vision. Your vision suddenly seems to deteriorate and you can no longer see things you used to be able to see. You may also experience distortion in your vision.

  1.     Cloudy vision

The first symptom of cataract development is cloudy vision, almost like you are looking through a piece of frosted glass. Your vision changes slowly, so many people don’t even notice this symptom at first.

  1.     Lens discoloration

A noticeable discoloration of vision can happen with cataract development. Some patients will notice a yellowish tint to their vision or just a general dullness in color.

  1.     Poor night vision

Many patients with cataracts have difficulty driving at night because halos form around the lights of oncoming cars which make it difficult to see.

  1.     Sensitivity to light

Cataracts can cause your eyes to become extremely sensitive to light. The glare of bright lights may be especially uncomfortable as your cataracts progress.

Initially, you may be able to manage your cataracts symptoms by using glasses, but if your vision continues to deteriorate you may want to consider cataract surgery. Laser cataract surgery is one of the best options available for those with cataracts in Fort Myers, FL.

Experiencing cataract symptoms? You’ll never know your diagnosis until you see a cataract specialist in Fort Myers. If you are interested in seeing if you could be a good fit for laser cataract surgery, be sure to schedule an appointment with Dr. Frantz today!

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