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12731 New Brittany Boulevard
Fort Myers, FL 33907

5 stars 5
This office has a great staff. They are all very nice. They even helped me pick out a great pair of glasses. My daughter wanted me to add that she loves the cookies !

5 stars 5

5 stars 5
On my first visit I was welcomed by both a friendly and professional staff. The whole process of registering me in their system was smooth and efficient in time saved by filing online. Dr. Robin is awesome. He explained everything he discovered during my exam seamlessly, especially because I have a chronic neurological-muscular condition. He was patient and caring. He even recommended a visit to their neuro-ophthalmologist. Its nice to also have the option to fill your new eye prescription here. Oh!, by the way, the office was very neat and clean.

5 stars Recommended
First, as someone who has always been afraid to get LASIK for fear of any side effect ranging from least to worst, I could not have possibly put my eyesight in better hands. I have always had TERRIBLE vision. It started in kindergarten when I had to move next to the board to see better. I started contacts in middle school. I am 25. I was finally approved to get LASIK and I knew I had to get it done with the best technology and the best doctor. I did my research, Dr. Frantz was the top choice. Not only is it bladeless surgery but he is truly a pioneer in the field. I live in Jacksonville and was willing to do the traveling to Ft Meyers, in the span of two weekends just to get my LASIK done with Dr. Frantz. It was worth every mile, and was worth every penny. His staff is amazingly friendly. They all get along so well and give off a sense of family. The girls are all so sweet and truly go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and answer any questions. The front desk was so sweet to our little girl making sure she had everything she needed. They have a few different waiting rooms and they are all fantastic. They each offer cookies, hot chocolate, tea, coffee and water in the waiting area. They also offer free WI-FI, have several magazines, and a television in each room. My significant other even brought his laptop with him and did work while waiting for me, our little girl did her homework on her tablet. Honestly if you can't find something to do in their office while waiting, there is not much else one can do for you. I personally did not have to wait much on anyone. I always showed up at least 30 minutes early expecting and accepting to wait until slightly after my scheduled appointment time, didn't happen. I hardly waited on anybody, it was wonderful. The office in Ft Meyers was on point with the hygiene. The bathrooms are very clean. The staff is very considerate about their own and your hygiene. Hand sanitizer was readily available all throughout the office. I've been going to Ophthalmologist offices my whole life and I would like to mention something I have not seen before. When bringing the machine you press your chin and forehead against, it is typically wiped with alcohol wipes first. Sometimes they leave it wet and have you put your face up there. So, you get your forehead and your chin all wet and slimy, gross. Not here, they take a Kleenex afterwards to dry the alcohol off before you put your face in there. Such a minor detail but such a huge gesture! The surgery itself is so quick and painless. For any fence sitters, get up! Seriously it is a true life changer. The surgery itself was painless, I was in and out the day of surgery in less than an hour. My family even got to watch the entire process! Recovery is a piece of cake thus far, I'm on day 4 after surgery. Just make sure you do your drops, lay of the pressure, and keep everything out of your face. I went in for post op yesterday and they told me I was 20/20 already and I would only get better after the healing process. I can't wait to update this after a while. My vision was perfect right after my post op nap! It is amazing how clearly I can see with no assistance. I have (I guess had) Astigmatism and my contacts were constantly readjusting, irritating my eye with every glance. I don't always feel my best with glasses on either, and it was a pain finding them in the morning. My life has drastically improved already and it is all thanks to Dr. Frantz and his staff! I would recommend Frantz Eyecare to ANYONE!

5 stars Recommended

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12731 New Brittany Blvd.
Fort Myers, FL 33907

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