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5 Signs It’s Time For Cataract Surgery

5 Signs It’s Time For Cataract Surgery

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Did you know that you can function with cataracts in their early stages? Cataracts only need removal when they cause significant vision loss. How will you know that you are ready to undergo cataract surgery?

The only way to tell for sure is to have an eye doctor track your progress. At Frantz EyeCare in Fort Myers, FL you will receive top vision care. With cataracts, there are plenty of warning signs that you need cataract surgery. Keep reading to learn what you should be on the lookout for!

Harder To See In The Dark

With cataracts, driving at night becomes much more difficult. If your cataracts make it harder to see in the dark, it also becomes more dangerous!

Everyday activities like reading may also become more difficult. When cataracts are fully developed, you’ll need a bright light to see the words on the page clearly. This could be a good indicator that you should consider cataract surgery.

Light Sensitivity

Besides having difficulty seeing in the dark, cataracts make you sensitive to light. Things like sunlight or bright interior lighting may cause you pain.

This is especially common in people whose cataracts are growing on the back of their lenses.   

Yellow Hue

When you have cataracts, you’ll notice that your vision is tinted yellow or brown. This means that you’ll see less, and your vision has become distorted.

When this becomes difficult to ignore, it could be a sign that you are ready for cataract surgery!


Since cataracts block portions of light, you may experience halos around light sources. This is most common around headlights or streetlamps. Halos, combined with difficulty seeing at night, make driving more dangerous.  

With halos, you may feel blinded by oncoming traffic. If you do not feel safe to drive, don’t. Consult your eye doctor to see if it is time for cataract surgery.

Double Vision

Like the halos that you see around lights, cataracts could cause double vision. Double vision occurs when your lens becomes diffracted.

Driving at night while experiencing halos and double vision is a scary experience! This can be disorienting and distracting and is a good indicator that you may soon need surgery.

Cataract Surgery Basics

After talking to your eye doctor, you’ll set a date for cataract surgery. It is an outpatient procedure, so you will be able to go home the same day.

The goal of cataract surgery is to remove the lens in the eye. After the lens gets removed, it’s replaced with an artificial intraocular lens.

Recovering from cataract surgery can take several months. During this time you will get specific instructions on how to take care of your eyes. Be sure to follow them, as your eyes will be very frail after the surgery.

As a reminder, only your doctor can tell you when you are ready for cataract surgery.

If you’re ready to remove your cataracts, schedule an appointment with Frantz EyeCare today! You don’t have to live with the frustration and vision loss from cataracts.

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