What’s the difference between KAMRA Inlay and LASIK?

What’s the difference between KAMRA Inlay and LASIK?

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KAMRA and LASIK. They’re two acronyms for vision correction procedures, but one is more well known than the other. LASIK is the popularly discussed procedure. Not only does its name evoke the image of lasers – a slightly terrifying yet decidedly cool image that elevates its brand recognition – LASIK reduces or completely eliminates a patient’s dependence on glasses and contacts. This makes it easier to participate in activities and worry less about daily eye care.

Near Vision Can Complicate Everyday Life

KAMRA inlay, on the other hand addresses an equally important but less worried about problem.  Whereas somebody with difficulties seeing things at a distance can’t comfortably leave the house without their glasses, a person who needs reading glasses can get away with leaving their glasses at home when they go to a fancy event or engage in a physically demanding activity. But this does not mean that near vision problems do not pose unique frustrations for those who deal with it.

Consider the number of times a day you use your near vision. If you work in an office that’s a nine to five scenario when you regularly need to be able to read things up close on paper or on a screen. Even in your daily life outside of work you are constantly reading texts, scanning menus, or filling out forms. The number of ways in which near vision problems can make your daily life uncomfortable is numerous.

Presbyopia, an age-related refractive error that occurs around age 40, causes this blurry near vision over time. As we reach our middle age, we begin to have difficulties reading or seeing up close. You may catch yourself holding your phone far away to focus on texts. However frustrating presbyopia can be, you are not alone.

Does LASIK Cure Near Vision Problems?

LASIK does not correct near vision problems that typically occur over the age of 40. LASIK corrects refractive errors that result from a misshapen cornea, which is not the cause of presbyopia. The KAMRA inlay has been found to be one of the most effective solutions when correcting presbyopia.

How Does The KAMRA Inlay Procedure Work?

When we are younger, our eye’s natural lens is much more flexible. This allows light rays from near objects to be focused on the retina, but this flexibility (and ability to focus) is lost over time making it difficult to see near objects.

KAMRA inlay, also known as corneal inlay surgery, involves the creation of a tiny pocket in the cornea. Through this pocket, your surgeon will place the KAMRA inlay, which looks a lot like a tiny, donut-shaped ring. This inlay is the fraction of the size of a contact lens. The inlay is only placed in one eye. This allows you to see close up while also keeping your distance vision intact. KAMRA is one of few permanent solutions to presbyopia, but can be removed if you do not like the results.

Difficulty reading or seeing objects up close is a pesky problem that comes with age. Fortunately, there are treatment options that allow you to live your day-to-day life with as much convenience as possible. Our ophthalmologists at Frantz Eye Care are dedicated to your eye health and your satisfaction. Book a consultation today to discuss whether the KAMRA inlay procedure is right for you. There are Frantz locations across Florida in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples, Lehigh Acres, and Punta Gorda all with dedicated staff ready to serve you.

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