Is One Pair of Glasses Enough?

Is One Pair of Glasses Enough?

The simple answer is no, everyone should have more than one pair of glasses. How Often do you find yourself scrambling to locate your glasses? Are they in your car, on your desk or even in your pocket? The Vision Council of America recently published a study that investigated the benefits of having more than one pair of eyeglasses. Here are their four main reasons why multiple glasses should be a staple:

  1. To use as a back-up in case you misplace your current eye wear
  2. For convenience purposes. Keeping a pair at home, in your car and at work can help to avoid frantically searching to find your glasses.
  3. For functionality to have different pairs for different tasks or activities
  4. For fashion. How fun is it to have a pair of glasses to dress up a night out or to wear with casual attire?

The most important second pair you can treat yourself to, is a quality pair of prescription polarized sunglasses, for outdoor safety and functionality. These will give you the ability to drive a car, minimizing disabling glare from the sun while also protecting your eyes from UV rays. For greater function, the ability to comfortably read while sitting by the pool or to comfortably work in the garden in the mid-day sun, is important to many people.

Consider how you use your eyes, and during your next eye exam, ask our doctors and opticians about some options to help improve the safety and function of your indoor eye wear. While you’re in our office be sure to check out the latest in fashionable eye wear at our optical shop and be sure to ask our opticians about special pricing on your second pair of glasses.

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