Creative Ways to Pay for LASIK Eye Surgery

Creative Ways to Pay for LASIK Eye Surgery

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There are a number of reasons you may be hesitant to consider LASIK eye surgery but for many patients, the price tag tops the list as one of their biggest concerns. At prices ranging from $2,000-$4,500 per eye, many people will dismiss LASIK as being too expensive. And since it is an elective procedure, most insurance companies won’t foot the bill.

However, LASIK is a long-term investment that is definitely worth the cost. Not to mention, it will provide you freedom from glasses and contacts for the rest of your life!

Here are four creative ways you can pay for LASIK eye surgery:

  1.     Use your tax refund

Spring is almost here, which means many people are eagerly awaiting their tax returns. Instead of spending it on a shopping spree or a vacation, why not put that money toward improving your vision?

  1.     Set up a payment plan

Some patients will choose to set up payment plans with a financing company to help make LASIK more affordable. Some companies will offer 0% interest if you make payments according to their terms. This can be a great way to make paying for LASIK more manageable.

  1.     Use your health savings account or flexible spending account

A health savings account or flexible spending account is a great tax-free option for paying for LASIK. You can use your pre-tax income from your salary each month and deposit it into an account every month for medical expenses.

  1.     Use your savings

This suggestion may seem obvious but there is no better way to pay for LASIK than with the cash you already have in savings. Using your savings for a full or partial payment will prevent you from having to take on any unnecessary debt to pay for the procedure.

By choosing to have LASIK eye surgery you are saving yourself money in the long run by no longer having to pay for contacts, glasses, or prescription sunglasses. You will also save yourself time spent at the eye doctor, order refills of contacts every month, and haggling with your insurance company over co-pays.

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