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Conquer Your Dry Eye For Good!

Conquer Your Dry Eye For Good!

Conquer Your Dry Eye For Good!

When it comes to dry eyes, every season can feel miserable! But in the winter, even in Florida, it’s another story.

If your eyes are dry, itchy, or just plain irritated, keep reading for tips to conquer your dry eye once and for all!

Dry buildings at work and home

When it’s a balmy 40 degrees, many Floridians may be turning up the heat to keep warm. Maybe at work, you happen to have a heat vent blowing on you all day long.

Whatever the case, these drier buildings could be making your dry eye worse.

If your dry eye is getting you frustrated, fight back with hydration! It sounds too easy, but it really does make a difference.

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day can help if you’re stuck in dry buildings at home and at work.

Not a fan of water? Try to incorporate more soups and broths or infused waters into your diet. More water will help your eyes produce better quality tears!

Recycled air making you sick while hurting your eyes

They don’t call winter cold season because of the weather. No, winter’s dry air is part of why you may catch colds in colder months. Recycled air isn’t good for anybody, your eyes included.

So how can you make the best of it? Put more moisture in the air! You can do this by investing in a humidifier.

Humidifiers are great because they add moisture back to the air. Whether you get one for your desk or add one to the bedroom, humidifiers can help a lot!

With less recycled air your eyes will stay lubricated and you’ll breath better air.

Increased contact lens wear

The big holidays may be over, but there’s still plenty of holiday parties to attend in January. If you wear contact lenses, you’ve probably been wearing them more than normal. Your eyes notice, and it may result in irritating dry eyes.

Contact lenses are great, but your eyes need a break from them sometimes! When you’re not dashing out the door to the next party, make an effort to wear your glasses more.

Whether you’re watching TV or just lounging with your family, this can give your eyes time to breathe. This is something that can happen at any time of the year.

A few extra hours without contact lenses every day can make a huge difference when it comes to dry eye symptoms.

Eyes still dry? Frantz can help!

If the above tips for conquering your dry eye haven’t helped, it might be time to see an eye doctor. At Frantz EyeCare, we’ll come up with a custom treatment plan for your dry eye.

Your eyes being dry is important, but it’s key to know why they are dry. By treating the root cause, we can make a real difference in the lives of our patients!

Ready to say goodbye to dry eye in 2019? Schedule a dry eye consultation with Frantz EyeCare in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples, Lehigh Acres, or Punta Gorda today!

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